Joe Vastano

"I was hurt very badly in a hit-and-run motor vehicle – motor cycle collision in the Summer of 2011. In addition to the physical and emotional trauma that followed, I struggled to come to terms with the callous neglect of the driver who left me unconscious on the roadway in the middle of a busy intersection. Although I had Uninsured Motorist insurance coverage with my own insurance company, it soon became clear to me that I would most likely be further victimized by my own insurance company. The adjuster handling my claim didn’t seem to care what I had been through and was merely interested in getting the claim settled quickly and as cheaply as possible. After suffering considerable stress trying to deal with the claims process on my own, I was referred to John. At our free, initial consultation, John put me at considerable ease. Not only did he come across as genuinely compassionate toward my situation, he was very upfront and honest about what he thought he could and could not do for me given the pro-insurance laws in the State of Texas. When I left John’s office that day, I felt immensely more relaxed and completely confident that I had handed my burden over to an experienced lawyer whom I could trust and who would really fight for me. In a world of sleazy wheeler-dealers, John impressed me with his forthright honesty and kindness. John rewarded my faith over and over again during the many months it took to settle my claim. Not only did I receive consistent updates on the progress of my case, I never once had to deal with an unanswered phone call or e-mail. In the end, John got me the best settlement I could have hoped for (essentially my Uninsured Motorists policy limits). God forbid that I am ever involved in another serious motor vehicle collision. But, if I am, the very first thing I am going to do is call John Greenway."