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Fatal Collisions Attorney in Austin, Texas

There is an astonishing number of fatal accidents in the State of Texas. Numbers reach into the thousands, with no sign of decreasing anytime soon. As Texas’ population grows, so do the number of traffic accidents and deaths.

Fatal collisions occur suddenly and without warning on a daily basis in Texas. Severe injuries and lost lives often result from these collisions, making the process of physical and emotional recovery difficult. Grieving families are often bombarded with significant financial burdens during this tragic time. The Greenway Law Firm understands how difficult it is to deal with the aftermath of a fatal collision and is here to help you focus on emotional recovery rather than the stressful claims process.

Reckless Driving and Victims

Fatal collisions are capable of causing complete devastation in an instant. One moment is all it takes for an innocent person to lose their life, forever altering the lives of their loved ones. These types of accidents are preventable, for the most part, which makes them especially tragic for surviving family members. Drivers who choose to ignore the rules and regulations of the road are not only placing themselves at risk but other innocent motorists as well. These drivers can be held liable for their negligence if their careless actions resulted in great losses for others.

Failure to Uphold Safety

For a vast majority of Texans, cars and trucks are the only means of transportation. Roads can become dangerous if negligent people are behind the wheel. Several factors account for negligent driving, such as:

  • Distractions (Ex. phone use)

  • Impairment (Under the influence of drugs or alcohol)

  • Failure to account for inclement weather

  • Failure to account for poor road conditions

Drivers are expected to uphold certain safety precautions when on the road, such as avoiding distractions, driving with a sound mind, and driving cautiously in poor conditions. If those precautions are neglected, liability then becomes an issue. If it can be proven that a driver was negligent and responsible for an accident, a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit can be filed to collect monetary damages for a victim or their family.

Recovering Compensation

Residents of Austin can rest assured knowing that if a tragic car accident has claimed the life of a family member, our law firm is available to help. John Greenway has over 26 years’ experience working with victims and establishing strong personal injury cases. The monetary compensation he can assist you with obtaining can be used to alleviate such burdens as medical bills, funeral costs, and pain and suffering.

Your Recovery Starts Now

Don’t go about settling your case alone. John is here to help you not only with your legal troubles but with medical issues as well. His connections to the medical field allow him to put you in touch with trusted medical professionals to get you the attention you need. Whether you’ve been injured at the fault of another driver or have lost a loved one, in the same manner, know that he can help. Your recovery starts with a FREE consultation.