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Personal Injury
Automobile Accidents
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John W. Greenway is a personal injury lawyer who practices in the city of Austin to assist victims of negligence throughout Central Texas.

  • An Austin Personal Injury Firm Committed to You
  • Based in the Texas capital, the Greenway Law Firm is a practice committed to helping victims of personal injury or wrongful death incidents by seeking out the financial compensation and justice they deserve. Those struggling with the aftermath of a catastrophic injury or the loss of a loved one need an attorney who will explore every potential legal avenue to achieve a favorable outcome. John Greenway utilizes his experience and resources to advocate on your behalf until a just and rightful solution is reached.


M E Sullivan

“After my accident, I was overwhelmed by my injuries, the loss of my vehicle, the cost of my doctor visits, and the relentless calls from the insurance company. I felt exploited and frustrated. Coming to John’s office changed all of this. Finally, I felt I had an advocate for me. John took the time to explain to me, in simple terms, how he would deal with a seemingly impossible and complex system to recover my damages. When John’s office took over dealing with the insurance company, I was able to concentrate on getting my life back together. My only regret is that I didn’t contact him sooner.”

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