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Estate Litigation Attorney in Austin, Texas

Family members who disagree with the details outlined in a loved one’s will can choose to contest the estate and enter what is called litigation. Contested wills require legal action to smooth out fiduciary duties, real estate, creditors’ rights, or family business and tax law-related matters.

Estate troubles, even after the death of a loved one, somehow get the best of family members. They surface when survivors fail to agree on the division of a deceased’s estate, whether because inheritance division is unclearly stated, members simply do not see eye to eye on assets, or a member did not receive any of the coveted assets. As the conflict continues to escalate and become heated, a member may choose to contest a will and enter what is called estate litigation with the help of a respected attorney.

Family Conflict and Will Disputes

Estate administration should proceed with fluidity when the testator’s (will creator) wishes appear legally sound and plainly stated. But if you feel the will is not legally sound, you can begin the litigation process to receive what is rightfully yours. Common estate disputes involve:

  • Beneficiaries disagreeing over inheritances

  • Allegations that the will is fraudulent

  • Allegations of undue influence

  • Questions regarding the testator’s mental capacity

  • Upset beneficiaries who inherited nothing

Trusted Estate Litigation Guidance

Trust and estate litigation require highly skilled legal guidance in order to protect your inheritance to ensure you receive what is rightfully yours. You need an estate litigation attorney who can negotiate and advocate for you in court to help bring your issue to resolution. Only the highest quality legal services will do so if you become involved in a problematic estate dispute or contested probate case that seems unbending.

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Safeguard your inheritance in your Austin estate litigation battle. John will put your best interests forward to protect what is yours and reach a successful outcome. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so call now for a free consultation.