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DWI Wrecks Attorney in Austin, Texas

The Texas Department of Transportation reported 1,074 statewide fatalities in alcohol-impaired vehicle accidents in 2012. Driving while intoxicated is extremely dangerous. Alcohol can significantly impair one’s ability to properly operate a vehicle.

Alcohol ads clearly state two keywords that some people fail to ingest: Drink Responsibly. One too many alcoholic beverages is a recipe for drunk driving, an epidemic that has spread like wildfire on the streets of America. Unfortunately, in 2009, Texas was ranked among the top four states in the nation for alcohol-impaired driving fatalities. Travis County alone, which includes the city of Austin, witnessed 1,642 alcohol-influenced accidents in 2012.

Like a Game of Chess

The right strategy and the right moves are necessary for you to win. Start by challenging uncooperative insurance companies and reckless drunk drivers who should be held accountable for the damage they created. Insurance companies are in it to make money, not dish it out. When you are a DWI accident victim and your physical health and financial balance are about to hit rock bottom, they should not propose a meager monetary award or deny your claim.

The severity of your bodily injuries – traumatic brain injury, internal organ damage, neck trauma, spinal cord injury – is not taken lightly by Attorney John W. Greenway, a personal injury attorney with more than 26 years of experience under his belt. His strong ties to the medical community can help you get the medical treatment you need to recover, such as physical therapy and brain surgery, from a DWI accident.

Winning is Not About Luck

Driven by commitment, John knows what it takes to win a just and maximum financial settlement. The evidence and details of your personal injury accident are analyzed in-depth to ensure no crucial piece of information goes unnoticed. Luck takes the back seat to John’s methodical and precise litigation strategies, which are designed to corner negligent drunk drivers and greedy insurance companies. In and out of the courtroom, your case is personally dealt with by John himself. He builds strong, trust-filled attorney-client relationships with people like yourself and charges headstrong against the defense and insurance companies who denied your claim to collect what you deserve.

Trusted Legal Excellence

Get past this tragic event with the help of your expert DWI accident lawyer. John will listen to your story, gather important evidence, and create a strong case to use for the results you deserve. Explain your personal injury claim to The Greenway Law Firm during a free, no-obligation consultation today.