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Honest, Professional, and Easy to Level With

John helped me with a car accident injury suit, and I highly recommend him. Despite the other party being 100% at fault for my injuries I was unable to get the recommended surgery on my shoulder before the statute of limitations was about to end. Out of options, I chose to sue the other party. Having no experience with lawsuits, I had some cold feet about the whole thing. John was more than happy to explain everything to me and answer all my questions – and I had a lot of them. This made me comfortable and even confident in my decisions. John was both professional and easy-going. Easy to level with, and he levels with you. His honesty and guidance was much appreciated. There was a little hiccup in our communication early on, but we quickly moved past that. John negotiated my medical bills down further than the at-fault insurance company did, saving me thousands of dollars. He also got the lawsuit settled faster than we expected, and for much more money that I was originally offered. Do they make “I Love My Lawyer” bumper stickers?

- Elise Carroll

Demonstrated Integrity and Professionalism

Mr. Greenway I want to thank you for the hard work you did on my case. You kept me informed of the progress being made during this time of COVID-19 complications, court closures etc. I am very satisfied with how you closed my case and was transparent the entire time with me. You demonstrated integrity and professionalism that most Lawyers do not possess. Thank you for helping me and I pray your future endeavors are pleasant.

- Mark Saunders (Abdul)

Attentive, Compassionate and Open

Working with John throughout my personal injury case was a pleasure. When looking to select an attorney to represent me in my personal injury case, after being rear-ended by a drunk driver, the client testimonials on John’s website were what made me decide to give him a call. John answered the phone himself on a Sunday morning; obviously outside his normal business hours. I thought I would be leaving a message for him to call me, but he set-up an appointment to meet with me the very next day. True to the testimonials made by previous clients, John was attentive, compassionate and maintained an open, honest communication with me. John often called just to see how I was feeling and how my treatment was progressing. John offered sound, experienced legal advice and kept my best interests at heart throughout the claims process. John was always prompt to respond to any questions I had and made sure that I was kept updated on any developments in my case. I was extremely satisfied with John’s services and would highly recommend anyone in the need of a personal injury lawyer to contact the Greenway Law Firm for representation.”

- Zara P. Munoz

A Pleasure

Mr. Greenway Was Recommended to Me by A Friend After I Was Involved in A Pretty Bad Car Wreck. Both Cars Were Totaled and I Suffered Physical Injuries All Over My Body. at The Time of The Collision, I Was About to Lose My Health Insurance Coverage and I Was Worried that My Injuries Might Be Severe and Long Lasting. Although the Other Party Was at Fault for The Wreck, I Also Worried that I Did Not Have the Skills to Deal with The Insurance Company’s Representative and Negotiate for Myself. I Knew I Was No Match for The Insurance Industry. Still, I Had Never Hired a Lawyer Before and I Was Hesitant to Do so Now.

After my initial visit with John, I felt much more at ease. Aside from being a good lawyer, John is a good and honest man. It was easy to trust him. He thoroughly explained the claims process to me, arranged to have a good doctor examine me and helped me with a referral to a physical therapist that treated me until I healed. John made sure that all my medical bills, including those related to my emergency room treatment, were paid out of the settlement proceeds he obtained on my behalf. Most importantly, John took over dealing with the other driver’s insurance company. He handled every aspect of the claims process which made a very stressful situation much less so for myself. John and his staff were a pleasure to deal with. He was prompt, professional and courteous throughout his representation of me. This is a man who cares about his clients and his work. I hope to never need John’s services again, but I know that if I, or someone I care about does need help, then I will not hesitate to call John.

- Jaime Pickett

Very Professional

I loved the service I was provided. Not only was Mr. Greenway and his legal assistant nice, but also very professional. I was very happy with the way my case was handled.

- Destiny Vera

Gave Me Great Advice

John and his assistant, Karey, handled my insurance claim as quickly and as efficiently as possible. John was always clear when he communicated with me and he always took his time to listen to my question or concern and give me an answer that I could easily understand. John always gave me great advice on how to proceed with my claim and he always allowed me to make the final decision as to deal with the insurance company. I never felt like the claims process was a burden on me. I was very happy with the way everything was handled from our initial meeting until the time he gave me my check. The settlement was way more than what I expected it was going to be.

- Angelica Cancino-Cox

John is the BEST

A young man driving at a high rate of speed cut me off while I was driving home on IH-35 in Williamson County. When I tried to avoid colliding with the other driver, I lost control of my car and rolled it several times off the side of the highway. It was truly a life-altering experience. I did not know who to call to help me until my mom, who works for John Greenway’s father, recommended that I call John. I cannot thank John and his assistant, Karey, enough for the time and care they spent working on my case. John is a very knowledgeable, compassionate and caring person. He knew exactly what to do with my case. John spent several months negotiating with my own insurance company, as well as, dealing with Tricare to get my medical bills paid and get Tricare reimbursed. I was very pleased with the amount of my settlement and I truly believe that John is the BEST at what he does and I am forever GRATEFUL for what he did for me.

- Tiffany Dotson

An Advocate for Me

After my accident, I was overwhelmed by my injuries, the loss of my vehicle, the cost of my doctor visits, and the relentless calls from the insurance company. I felt exploited and frustrated. Coming to John’s office changed all of this. Finally, I felt I had an advocate for me. John took the time to explain to me, in simple terms, how he would deal with a seemingly impossible and complex system to recover my damages. When John’s office took over dealing with the insurance company, I was able to concentrate on getting my life back together. My only regret is that I didn’t contact him sooner.

- M E Sullivan

Fought Hard for Me

John Greenway took a time of crisis for me and transformed it into one of prosperity. He took all the burden off of me during the time I was injured, which allowed me to heal without having to worry about dealing with the hassles involved with making an insurance claim. John was kind and supportive and his assistant, Karey, helped me find an excellent physical therapist just down the road from my apartment. John fought hard for me and I can’t thank him enough for the wonderful outcome he obtained on my behalf. John really went all the way; offering his services at anytime and making sure that I was well taken care of.

- Elijah Parker

Could Not Be Happier

I am extremely satisfied with the legal representation that John Greenway provided me in regard to my injury claim. I could not be happier with the settlement he obtained on my behalf, as well as, the service he provided me. John is very assertive and fights for what you deserve, but he is also a cool and calm guy that exhibits confidence that makes you feel comfortable that he knows what he is doing. I would recommend him to anyone that has a personal injury claim and wants a great outcome in their case. One of John’s greatest qualities is that he is always there when you need him!

- Ashton Schultz

Highly Recommend

I had one of my best experiences with the Greenway Law Firm. John and Karey are wonderful to deal with. John is honest, informative and a pleasure to speak with. John settled my case promptly and efficiently. I was very happy with the way my case was handled and I would highly recommend using Mr. Greenway’s law firm if you need help resolving a personal injury claim.

- Alison White


While riding my motorcycle, I was run off the road by an uninsured motorist. After wrecking my motorcycle, I had to be rushed to the hospital and incurred an overwhelming amount of medical bills. When I met with John to discuss my case, he was very clear in explaining to me how the claims process is handled and he seemed well-versed on the laws applicable to my situation. While John was handling my case, he communicated with me regularly about my claim. Further, after only few months had passed by, John called me and told me about the settlement he had negotiated on my behalf. The settlement paid all of my medical bills and I received a nice sum in my own pocket. John always returned my phone calls promptly and he was easy to communicate with. If I ever need a personal injury lawyer again in the future, I will definitely call John and I will be recommending him to other people.

- Nachman T. Kramer

Honest Lawyer

John is a very caring and honest lawyer with his clients’ best interests in mind.

- Matthew Draper

Did a Great Job

Out of all the lawyers I spoke to, John Greenway was really the best I could have ever wished to find. If you want a lawyer you can trust, and one that will make you feel comfortable throughout the legal process of pursuing a personal injury claim, you only need to contact Mr. Greenway. He and his assistant, Karey, did a great job of handling my case and I am very appreciative of the settlement Mr. Greenway obtained on my behalf and the way my case was handled

- Miranda Davis

Earned My Complete Trust

“I went to see John Greenway after being saddled with over 30 thousand dollars in medical bills due to a lady driving her car directly in front of me as I was riding my bicycle past her at an intersection. I had no idea that my medical bills would be so much and I mistakenly thought I could deal with the insurance company on my own. After the insurance adjuster tried to get me to accept a minimal settlement and I saw how much my actual bills were going to be, I took my doctor’s advice and called John. I am really GRATEFUL that I did. Without John’s help, I would have been thousands of dollars in debt. Instead, he was able to negotiate a significant settlement for me that took care of all my outstanding medical bills and provided me with a very nice recovery. John went to bat for me and, through his patience and understanding of how to deal with the insurance claims process and negotiate with my medical providers, he did a wonderful job on my behalf. He has earned my complete trust. If you ever have a question as to what to do if you are involved in a motor vehicle collision, I recommend that you call John Greenway. He will take care of you.

- Chris Chewning

Unwavering Patience and Diligence

I was seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision with another driver that had been drinking and had minimal liability insurance. My hospital bill alone exceeded the amount of the other driver’s insurance coverage and the hospital filed a lien for my treatment so I was not going to receive any compensation for my injuries. To top things off, my health insurance refused to pay the majority of my medical bills because there was liability insurance involved. I was totally frustrated until I hired John Greenway to represent me. With unwavering patience and diligence, John negotiated with 3 different insurance companies, as well as, with my health insurance company for almost two years to get a settlement that paid-off all my outstanding medical bills, reimbursed my health insurance company and provided me with a large sum of money that was very satisfactory to me. I could not be happier with how my bodily injury claims turned-out and don’t know what I would have done without having John on my side.

- Courtney Kizer

Truly Amazing at What He Does

John greatly exceeded my expectations. I was injured in a high-speed, T-bone type collision with a negligent driver. The wreck caused me to suffer a serious injury to my back. When I hired John to represent me, I had did not expect to receive very much compensation. However, John reassured me that he could handle my case and get me what I deserved. John was very professional, informative, laid-back and an incredible pleasure to deal with. He referred me to good medical providers that helped me recover from my back injury and they were willing to wait until John settled my case to be paid. John called me regularly to check-up on how was doing and to keep me updated on my case. I couldn’t be happier with the settlement he obtained for me. I highly recommend hiring John if you find yourself being injured as a result of someone else’s negligent conduct. He is truly amazing at what he does.

- Lauren Kroeger

Obtained a Great Settlement on My Behalf

Being involved in a motor vehicle collision, where it becomes necessary to hire an attorney, can be quite a traumatic and anxiety-producing situation. However, dealing with John Greenway has been a pleasure! After I hired him, John took charge of everything and obtained a great settlement on my behalf. Neither my husband, nor I, had to get involved with the insurance company at all. If I’m involved in another motor vehicle collision, I am going to call John immediately.

- Aleta Thomason

Went Above and Beyond

I have hired other accident attorneys before. They never gave me the assistance, support and efficiency that John and his staff showed me while he was handling my bodily injury claim. I had been disappointed in the past with the settlements my previous lawyers had obtained for me. Thus, when I met with John and decided to hire him to deal with my insurance claim, I had very low expectations as to what he would be able to do for me. I cannot express in words alone how OVERWHELMED I was when John called me and told me about the settlement he had obtained on my behalf. John went above and beyond my wildest dreams and he handled everything for me. I was grateful that I did not have to deal with the insurance company on my own. I will be recommending John Greenway to anyone I know who needs an excellent, caring and determined attorney.

- Darcey Cooley

Highly Recommend

My wife and I were in a collision caused by a person who ran a red light. We were both taken to the hospital by an ambulance and needed follow-up care to recover from our injuries. My wife suffers from Alzheimer’s and I am her caretaker. I quickly realized that I wasn’t going to be able to deal with all that you have to deal with when you are involved in a serious motor vehicle collision. After getting a referral to John, I contacted him and he was gracious enough to come to our house to meet with us. I knew we needed someone to help us so I hired John to represent us. He not only helped us get quality medical care to recover to help us recover from our injuries, but he also took care of everything that needed to be done to resolve our insurance claims. I never had to deal with the insurance company or worry about how I was going to pay our medical bills. I highly recommend John Greenway if you have a bodily injury claim. He is very professional and the quality of his work is exceptional.

- Bob Frost

John Greenway was highly recommended to me by someone I trust. During our first meeting, I felt instantly better knowing he would take care of paperwork, phone calls, medical appointments and bills and just gave me time to heal. He is a kind, caring, patient, professional and wonderful person who I highly recommend to anyone needing a personal injury attorney.

- Ted Ellis

Always Responsive

John did a REALLY great job in settling my bodily injury claim. I was run over by a criminal fleeing from the police while I was riding my motorcycle. I suffered major injuries and was bed-ridden for a long period of time. When I called John, he came to my house to meet me. He was courteous, informative and seemed to know what he was doing. I hired him that day and he handled my injury claim efficiently and was always responsive to my communications with him. I highly recommend John and would hire him again in a heartbeat!

- Steve Fuller

Quite Satisfactorily

I highly recommend the Greenway Law Firm. My personal injury case was handled quite satisfactorily and Mr. Greenway was very professional in his representation of me. The Greenway Law Firm is the way to go if you have a need for a personal injury lawyer.

- C. Munoz

Exceeded My Expectations

While riding my motorcycle across the country, I was injured near Austin, Texas due to the negligence of another motorist. When I went back to New Jersey, I looked for an attorney on the internet to help me with my personal injury claim. I soon discovered John Greenway and hired him from across the country without ever meeting him in-person. John exceeded my expectations on all levels. I was very pleased with the settlement amount that John obtained on my behalf and John was able to negotiate a good settlement in a short period of time. John was great to work with. He was very responsive, patient and detailed oriented. John did an outstanding job of minimizing the case expenses and maximizing my recovery. In short, John left no money on the table! I highly recommend the Greenway Law Firm.

- Mitchell Small

Very Kind

After being in the middle of a six-car pile-up, and enduring an ankle that was broken in 3 places, my doctor recommended I call John Greenway to represent me in my insurance claims. When I called John I had just gone through major surgery a week before and was in a lot of pain and unable to leave my home due to my ankle injury. John agreed to come to my home to meet with me. After he arrived, he was very kind and spent all the time needed to get all the details of my case and to explain the claims process to me.

My case took over a year to resolve and I ended up having to have another surgery. John was my friend and trusted advisor throughout the terrifying ordeal. He was always available to answer my questions and he gladly answered them multiple times. It was a long, drawn-out, and confusing process, that was filled with complications that I didn’t anticipate. I’m glad I had someone on my side to help me rebuild my life and be an advocate for me with not only one, but 2 insurance companies. I very much appreciate all the help that I received from John and his legal assistant, Karey.

- Taye Shurden

Forthright Honesty and Kindness

I was hurt very badly in a hit-and-run motor vehicle – motorcycle collision in the Summer of 2011. In addition to the physical and emotional trauma that followed, I struggled to come to terms with the callous neglect of the driver who left me unconscious on the roadway in the middle of a busy intersection. Although I had Uninsured Motorist insurance coverage with my own insurance company, it soon became clear to me that I would most likely be further victimized by my own insurance company. The adjuster handling my claim didn’t seem to care what I had been through and was merely interested in getting the claim settled quickly and as cheaply as possible. After suffering considerable stress trying to deal with the claims process on my own, I was referred to John. At our free, initial consultation, John put me at considerable ease. Not only did he come across as genuinely compassionate toward my situation, but he was also very upfront and honest about what he thought he could and could not do for me given the pro-insurance laws in the State of Texas. When I left John’s office that day, I felt immensely more relaxed and completely confident that I had handed my burden over to an experienced lawyer whom I could trust and who would really fight for me. In a world of sleazy wheeler-dealers, John impressed me with his forthright honesty and kindness. John rewarded my faith over and over again during the many months it took to settle my claim. Not only did I receive consistent updates on the progress of my case, I never once had to deal with an unanswered phone call or e-mail. In the end, John got me the best settlement I could have hoped for (essentially my Uninsured Motorists policy limits). God forbid that I am ever involved in another serious motor vehicle collision. But, if I am, the very first thing I am going to do is call John Greenway.

- Joe Vastano

Very Personable

I really appreciate all that John Greenway and his assistant, Karey, did for me! They are very personable; something you don’t find at a large law firm. I was able to communicate with John anytime. He even gave me his cell-phone number in case I had a question after-hours. John was competent and professional through-out his representation of me. I was happy with the settlement I received and thought it was appropriate for the injuries I had received in my motor vehicle collision. One of the great things about John was that he went over my automobile insurance coverage at our initial consultation and gave me some free advice about my coverage. I did not understand what the various insurance coverages that are available to purchase could do for me. John’s advice was invaluable and I changed my insurance coverage shortly after our initial meeting. John made me realize how important it is to have the right kind of insurance coverage to protect yourself, and anyone riding with you, if you are involved in a motor vehicle collision. John is a genuine Texas attorney who will make you feel comfortable and informed. Hopefully, I will never need him again, but if I am in another wreck, he will be the first person I call!

- Chad Caler

Patient, Efficient, Helpful, Knowledgeable

A personal injury case is not a happy situation, but John Greenway made my case as simple and uncomplicated as possible. John was everything that one would want from an attorney: Patient, Efficient, Helpful, Knowledgeable and always Available to discuss my case.

- Mark Kirkpatrick

Very Professional, and Thorough

Our experience with the Greenway Law Firm has been nothing less than excellent! From start to finish Mr. Greenway and his assistant, Karey, were very professional, and most important to us, thorough. Mr. Greenway kept us well-informed about our case and, before we knew it, the case had settled for the other driver’s policy limits. If you ever need a personal injury lawyer, we highly recommend that you make John W. Greenway your choice!!

- Serge & Cynthia Munoz

A Shining Example of An Exceptionally Good Attorney

John Greenway recently represented me concerning my automobile accident. I work in the legal field and know many attorneys, and John is a shining example of an exceptionally good attorney. John was always professional, very knowledgeable, and prompt and courteous in his communications with me, as was his assistant, Karey. John thoroughly explained the legal process to me concerning my accident and always made himself available when I had questions. I will refer my family and close friends to John if they are ever in need of an attorney.

- Beth Hawkins

Gave Me Great Advice

When I first decided to look for an attorney to help me with my personal injury claim, I had no idea what I was doing or who I needed to be consulting. I had never dealt with an attorney before and I expected something very different than what I received when I hired John Greenway. John answered all my questions knowledgeably and gave me great advice. He contacted me regularly and kept me updated on what was going on with my case. I was additionally pleased with the medical care that I received from the various medical practitioners that Mr. Greenway referred me to. Getting good medical care was one of the many things I did not have to worry about once I hired John to represent me. I completely trust John and would hire him again if the need arises.

- Geneva Sampson

Did a Great Job

John has represented me in personal injury claims twice in the past 5 years. He and his staff did a great job of handling both of my cases. I really appreciate John’s efforts on my behalf and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help resolving a personal injury claim.

- Michael Harris

Very Professional

John Greenway was very professional and did an excellent job on my personal injury case. He kept me up-to-date on what was going on with my case and he was very kind. I would recommend him to all my friends and family.

- Johnette Benzer

Very Diligent

I was involved in a bad motor vehicle collision and had to have surgery on my knee. I really did not know how to deal with the claims process, but I was very reluctant to hire a lawyer until my doctor recommended that I speak to John Greenway. When I retained John to represent me, I really did not expect much and was very reluctant to hire him. However, John was very patient with me and helped me overcome my fear of hiring a lawyer rather easily. When we first met at his office, John thoroughly explained the claims process to me and he reassured me that he would take care of me and that he only had my best interests at heart. John always made time to speak with me about my case if I called him and he promptly returned my phone calls whenever he was not available to talk to me right away. I was very pleased with the attention he gave me, as well as, the encouragement he provided me while he was handling my case. John was very diligent in handling my case and I was extremely surprised and satisfied with the settlement he obtained on my behalf. I highly recommend John if you need a lawyer you can trust to help you deal with an injury claim.

- R. Thomas

Very Satisfied

My daughter was injured in a motor vehicle collision while on Summer vacation from college. After she returned to school in Colorado in the Fall, we quickly realized that we needed someone who was experienced and trustworthy to help us deal with the negligent driver’s insurance company, as well as, our health insurer which was wanting to be reimbursed out of the liability settlement. We were referred to John Greenway and I went and met with John myself and then recommended to my daughter that she hire him. My daughter never actually had to meet with John. He handled all communications with her via a telephone call, e-mail, and regular mail. Before my daughter hired John, we were skeptical that we could find an attorney to help us since her claim was not of huge monetary value. However, John was great to deal with. He treated us like we were very important clients and kept us updated through-out the time it took to resolve the case. He was very kind and explained everything to us thoroughly and, both my daughter and me, were very satisfied with the settlement he obtained which covered all of her outstanding medical expenses, reimbursed our health insurer and gave her some spending money.

- Dee Howard

Great Communicator

I had an extremely complicated case that I brought John and he took it in stride. Not only did he thoroughly explain every step and hurdle we were going to face, he made me feel like I was in excellent hands through the whole process. I am incredibly happy that I chose John to handle my personal injury case. Not only did he secure a lucrative outcome for me, but he also proved to be the type of lawyer that doesn’t give up on his clients. He worked on my case for over three (3) years and got the maximum recovery for me. I did not expect this outcome, but I am very happy with it. John Greenway is an amazing person, a great communicator and totally professional all around. John is a guy I am proud to know and if you are looking for a knowledgeable, caring and experienced lawyer then John is your man!

-Robbie Thomas