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Spinal Cord Injuries Attorney in Austin, Texas

Injury to the spinal cord following a tragic accident can lead to paralysis (quadriplegia and paraplegia), herniated discs, vertebral damage, and pinched nerves. A victim’s recovery can be long and painful.

It’s difficult to absorb the full impact of a spinal cord injury until you’ve experienced one firsthand. In an instant, a victim’s life can be drastically altered. The inability to walk, sit, or lay comfortably becomes an everyday hassle. In most extreme cases, damage to the spinal cord can result in paralysis. A victim’s emotional and financial well-being can easily be affected due to the fact that these injuries are catastrophic in nature and can forever change a life.

What is the Spinal Cord?

The spinal cord is part of your body’s central nervous system. The vertebrae that make up your spinal column are what protect your spinal cord and if the column is damaged, the cord is more susceptible to injury. The severity of a spinal cord injury depends on where it has occurred. If the injury is high on the spinal column and closer to the base of the skull, there’s a serious risk that the victim’s mobility will be affected. Victims of spinal cord injuries typically require lifelong care to manage their loss of mobility and control of bodily functions.

Causes and Consequences

Spinal cord injuries are typically caused by a rapid, powerful impact that jolts all or part of your spinal cord. An estimated 42% of all spinal cord injuries are sustained in motor vehicle accidents, according to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC). You may suffer a spinal cord injury if you are driving/riding the following:

  • Cars

  • Trucks

  • Motorcycles

  • Bicycles

Spinal cord injuries are not limited to vehicle accidents. Workplace incidents can also result in injury. Poor training, faulty equipment, or employer negligence can all result in damage to the spine as well as serious falls. A slippery floor or another hazard can result in a slip or trip, thereby resulting in a back injury.

Only the Beginning

Victims of a spinal cord injury experience an assortment of medical complications and will more than likely require substantial and ongoing medical treatment. The initial hospital stay and treatment alone can amount to thousands of dollars in medical bills. In some cases, recovery from this type of injury is possible. However, full mobility may never be regained and victims will have to undergo an extensive process comprised of costly medications, numerous surgical procedures, and continuing rehabilitation. The injury can possibly mark the beginning of a long recovery.

Your Much-Needed Opportunity

Spinal cord injury victims deserve maximum compensation from the responsible party. The Greenway Law Firm consults with necessary medical specialists to explain the full extent of a spinal cord injury, as well as the future impact, said injury will have on your life. The challenges you and your family will face now and in the future do not have to diminish your quality of life. It is critical for accident victims and their families to consult with John Greenway as he is accustomed to representing spinal cord injury victims in complex cases. Seeking the legal help you deserve is your much-needed opportunity for financial and physical recovery.

You Aren’t Alone in Your Journey to Recovery.

Austin residents should be fully aware that a trusted firm with a track record of providing excellent services and results is available. Your spinal cord injury may take time to heal, but your case should be dealt with immediately. Let’s get started today to make your burdens a thing of the past.