Courtney Kizer

“I was seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision with another driver that had been drinking and had minimal liability insurance. My hospital bill alone exceeded the amount of the other driver’s insurance coverage and the hospital filed a lien for my treatment so I was not going to receive any compensation for my injuries. To top things off, my health insurance refused to pay the majority of my medical bills because there was liability insurance involved. I was totally frustrated until I hired John Greenway to represent me. With unwavering patience and diligence, John negotiated with 3 different insurance companies, as well as, with my health insurance company for almost two years to get a settlement that paid-off all my outstanding medical bills, reimbursed my health insurance company and provided me with a large sum of money that was very satisfactory to me. I could not be happier with how my bodily injury claims turned-out and don’t know what I would have done without having John on my side.”