Letha McClure

"At 61 years old, I thought my life was going pretty well. My health was good, I was happy with my job and I enjoyed spending time with children and grandchildren. Then my entire life changed instantly. While driving home on a beautiful afternoon, a man made a left turn in front of me as I was traveling 60 miles per hour. The crash was violent and knocked me out. When I awakened, I found myself strapped to a long, uncomfortable board and was being placed in an ambulance and was rushed to the hospital. I ended-up suffering multiple injuries, including a concussion, severe facial lacerations, facial nerve damage, a broken orbital eye socket and broken ribs. That day, my life came to a standstill. I could not work for almost 2 months. I was in constant pain and had major vision problems. During this time, the other driver’s insurance company began calling to try and settle my bodily injury claim. This was when my true nightmare began. At the time, I believed that I could handle dealing with the insurance company on my own. I have never been more foolish in my entire life. After sending the adjuster documentation she requested to evaluate the claim, she would tell me that she never received it or that she would need something other than what I sent him or something in addition to what I had already sent her. I sent the same documents multiple times, but I could not get the adjuster to make me an offer of settlement. After 7 months of trying to deal with the insurance claim on my own, I was totally depressed and had lost my faith in getting any reasonable settlement for the injuries I had suffered. I had been insulted, called a liar and harassed by the insurance adjuster while I was trying to recover from my injuries and I was just barely keeping my head above water financially. When I was just about to give up, I was given John Greenway’s name and phone number. Never having used a lawyer before, I was reluctant to call him, but I finally decided to contact him because I was at the end of my rope. God, I wish I had called him right after the wreck occurred. After talking to John, I knew right away that I could trust and depend on him. When I hired him, John took-over dealing with all aspects of my insurance claims. This was a tremendous relief to me and allowed me to focus on healing. I began feeling better mentally and physically from the first day I met John. Within 2 months of my hiring him, John was able to get my claim settled for the full amount of the other driver’s liability policy limits. It was much more than what I would have been willing to settle for when I was handling the claim on my own. When John called me to tell me about the settlement amount, I realized what a fool I was to try and settle with the insurance company on my own. NEVER AGAIN! I feel like the insurance adjuster treated me poorly partly because of my age. If you need help dealing with an insurance claim, and especially if you are an older person, I highly recommend that you contact John Greenway. He respects and cares about his clients and he knows what he is doing."