Taye Shurden

“After being in the middle of a six car pile-up, and enduring an ankle that was broken in 3 places, my doctor recommended I call John Greenway to represent me in my insurance claims. When I called John I had just gone through major surgery a week before and was in a lot of pain and unable to leave my home due to my ankle injury. John agreed to come to my home to meet with me. After he arrived, he was very kind and spent all the time needed to get all the details of my case and to explain the claims process to me.

My case took over a year to resolve and I ended-up having to have another surgery. John was my friend and trusted advisor throughout the terrifying ordeal. He was always available to answer my questions and he gladly answered them multiple times. It was a long, drawn-out and confusing process ,that was filled with complications that I didn’t anticipate. I’m glad I had someone on my side to help me rebuild my life and be an advocate for me with not only one, but 2 insurance companies. I very much appreciate all the help that I received from John and his legal assistant, Karey.”