Dee Howard

My daughter was injured in a motor vehicle collision while on Summer vacation from college. After she returned to school in Colorado in the Fall, we quickly realized that we needed someone who was experienced and trustful to help us deal with the negligent driver’s insurance company, as well as, our health insurer which was wanting to be reimbursed out of the liability settlement. We were referred to John Greenway and I went and met with John myself and then recommended to my daughter that she hire him. My daughter never actually had to meet with John. He handled all communications with her via telephone call, e-mail and regular mail. Before my daughter hired John, we were skeptical that we could find an attorney to help us since her claim was not of huge monetary value. However, John was great to deal with. He treated us like we were very important clients and kept us updated through-out the time it took to resolve the case. He was very kind and explained everything to us thoroughly and, both my daughter and me, were very satisfied with the settlement he obtained which covered all of her outstanding medical expenses, reimbursed our health insurer and gave her some spending money.