Chad Caler

I really appreciate all that John Greenway and his assistant, Karey, did for me! They are very personable; something you don’t find at a large law firm. I was able to communicate with John anytime. He even gave me his cell-phone number in case I had a question after-hours. John was competent and professional through-out his representation of me. I was happy with the settlement I received and thought it was appropriate for the injuries I had received in my motor vehicle collision. One of the great things about John was that he went over my automobile insurance coverage at our initial consultation and gave me some free advice about my coverage. I did not understand what the various insurance coverages that are available to purchase could do for me. John’s advice was invaluable and I changed my insurance coverage shortly after our initial meeting. John made me realize how important it is to have the right kind of insurance coverage to protect yourself, and anyone riding with you, if you are involved in a motor vehicle collision. John is a genuine Texas attorney who will make you feel comfortable and informed. Hopefully, I will never need him again, but if I am in another wreck, he will be the first person I call!