Jaime Pickett

Mr. Greenway was recommended to me by a friend after I was involved in a pretty bad car wreck. Both cars were totaled and I suffered physical injuries all over my body. At the time of the collision, I was about to lose my health insurance coverage and I was worried that my injuries might be severe and long lasting. Although the other party was at fault for the wreck, I also worried that I did not have the skills to deal with the insurance company’s representative and negotiate for myself. I knew I was no match for the insurance industry. Still, I had never hired a lawyer before and I was hesitant to do so now.

After my initial visit with John, I felt much more at ease. Aside from being a good lawyer, John is a good and honest man. It was easy to trust him. He thoroughly explained the claims process to me, arranged to have a good doctor examine me and helped me with a referral to a physical therapist that treated me until I healed. John made sure that all my medical bills, including those related to my emergency room treatment, were paid out of the settlement proceeds he obtained on my behalf. Most importantly, John took over dealing with the other driver’s insurance company. He handled every aspect of the claims process which made a very stressful situation much less so for myself. John and his staff were a pleasure to deal with. He was prompt, professional and courteous throughout his representation of me. This is a man who cares about his clients and his work. I hope to never need John’s services again, but I know that if I, or someone I care about does need help, then I will not hesitate to call John.