Chris Chewning

“I went to see John Greenway after being saddled with over 30 thousand dollars in medical bills due to a lady driving her car directly in front of me as I was riding my bicycle past her at an intersection. I had no idea that my medical bills would be so much and I mistakenly thought I could deal with the insurance company on my own. After the insurance adjuster tried to get me to accept a minimal settlement and I saw how much my actual bills were going to be, I took my doctor’s advice and called John. I am really GRATEFUL that I did. Without John’s help, I would have been thousands of dollars in debt. Instead, he was able to negotiate a significant settlement for me that took care of all my outstanding medical bills and provided me with a very nice recovery. John went to bat for me and, through his patience and understanding of how to deal with the insurance claims process and negotiate with my medical providers, he did a wonderful job on my behalf. He has earned my complete trust. If you ever have a question as to what to do if you are involved in a motor vehicle collision, I recommend that you call John Greenway. He will take care of you.”