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Texas witnessed 2,728 fatal car crashes in 2010, with motor vehicle accident collisions accounting for 1,083. In today’s fast-paced world, speed racers, alcohol-impaired drivers, and texting drivers cause thousands of deaths and countless serious injuries.

Austin is one of the largest cities in Texas, where car wrecks occur in the blink of an eye. Reckless drunk, texting, and speeding drivers rob you of living life to the fullest in a tragic instant. The ability to earn a living and enjoy time with friends and family is single-handedly destroyed by serious bodily injuries. Life is not fair, but a fair settlement is. As your car accident attorney, I intend to fight for just that. I pursue the maximum financial compensation you are rightly entitled to after an Austin car accident. Your future is my sole concern the moment you seek my services. If you live anywhere in Texas, including Austin and surrounding areas of Georgetown, Bastrop, and Marble Falls, reach out to me at Greenway Law Firm.

Texas Car Accidents

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, an alarming 63,610 personal injury crashes occurred in 2012, and of those accidents, 87,087 victims sustained serious bodily injury. The year’s report also highlighted 3,018 fatal crashes which claimed the lives of 3,399 individuals statewide. Texas law delegates that you have two years from the date the accident occurred to file a lawsuit. Discuss your legal options and rights with me if you have suffered a personal injury car accident or lost a loved one in a manner that involved:

Injured in a Car Accident?

Fighting to Cover Your Medical Bills and Lost Wages

Serious bodily injuries take time to heal, which jeopardizes your ability to work. Missed work days translate into lost wages, a vicious cycle that I am prepared to handle for you. I dedicate my time and energy to fighting for a fair settlement so that you spend your time and energy recovering. With great medical resources at hand, I will see that you receive top-rate medical treatment from surgeons and physical therapists in the community. It is my vision to see you in a complete state of well-being and my duty to ensure insurance companies, big or small, do not take advantage of you or your situation.

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I am a car accident lawyer who leaves no stone unturned and is always one step ahead of the defendant’s legal team. Your best interests are always my priority, reinforced by an elaborately-designed legal strategy.

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If you need guidance after a car wreck, trust in the skill and experience of an attorney who cares about your future. I proudly serve all of Texas, including Georgetown, Bastrop, and Marble Falls, from my office in Austin. Schedule a free consultation today.