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Winter Weather Blasts Through Central Texas Creating Hazards for Austin Motorists

Winter storms sweeping across Central Texas are increasing the risk of serious accidents and injuries. On January 28th, Austin police chief Art Acevedo reported that approximately 40 car accidents caused by weather conditions were occurring hourly in the city. Many Texas drivers are unfamiliar with operating a vehicle during these conditions and accidents are likely to occur for this reason. Motorists who fail to exercise caution and are careless on icy roadways can be held liable for negligence should their actions cause an accident and/or injury.

Weather Affects Driving, Causes Accidents and Injuries

Many drivers fail to realize that weather plays a very important role in how we operate our vehicle. Accidents are likely to occur if we fail to adjust our maneuvers accordingly. For example, driving slowly during rain or turning headlights on during dense fog are two precautions which can prevent accidents. Drivers are held to a higher level of responsibility during inclement weather and could be at fault for failing to drive responsibly if involved in an accident. A frigid temperature combined with precipitation creates unsafe travel conditions and causes accidents.

Common Causes

As much as we would like to avoid traveling altogether during severe weather, sometimes it is necessary for a variety of reasons. The potential risk for accidents increases due to the fact that people have a tendency to underestimate the dangers these conditions can create. Some of the most common causes of winter driving accidents include:

  • Sliding or skidding

  • Decreased visibility

  • Decreased breaking distance

  • Distracted driving

What to do Afterward

Freezing temperatures and icy roads this week in Austin mean dangerous conditions for motorists. The first step to take if you have been injured in an accident where weather played a factor is to seek medical attention. It is also important to contact a personal injury attorney when possible. You have the right to recover compensation for damages if the driver responsible for your accident was negligent. Establishing liability in accidents which occur during extreme weather conditions can be difficult and requires the expertise of a skilled attorney.

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