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Update: Lawsuits Filed in Deaths of College Softball Players

Earlier, we brought you news of a fatal accident between an 18-wheeler and a collegiate softball team’s bus from North Central Texas College that claimed the life of four of the team’s players. Now, after an ongoing investigation for details of the crash, lawsuits have been filed against the trucker and the company employing him.

Fighting for Justice

The parents of one of the women killed in the accident have named the truck driver and his employer in the lawsuit. An additional lawsuit was filed on behalf of another victim who spent several days recovering in the hospital from her injuries. According to the suit, she will experience life-long aftereffects resulting from the accident. Both claims accuse the trucker of distracted driving and affirm that the company acted with negligence for allowing him to drive.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol expects investigations to continue for several weeks. However, the lawsuits are asking the trucking company to release information regarding the driver’s safety records and drug and alcohol test results.

Dealing with the Pain

Incidents like these show just how difficult it is to deal with the aftermath of a catastrophic accident. A motorist’s negligent actions can potentially alter your life and the lives of those you love. Don’t deal with the unfairness and stress of handling medical bills, therapy fees, and loss of wages.

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