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Tips to Stay Safe Around 18-Wheelers

The high volumes of industries sending and receiving goods throughout Texas have turned our roadways into a necessary passageway for commercial vehicles. These trucks and their drivers have to abide by a strict set of rules and regulations put in place to keep them and other drivers safe. However, even though 18-wheelers and passenger vehicles are expected to share the road, truck drivers can often commit negligent actions that put other motorists in harm’s way.

Follow the Greenway Law Firm’s tips to keep yourself and your family safe when sharing the road with truckers. Remember, we’re here to fight for you if a negligent road action causes any harm.

Watch the Blind Spots

Many motorists can often find themselves in a trucker’s blind spot, which includes the front and back sides of the truck. A truck driver’s failure to proceed with caution when other vehicles are around can sometimes keep them from noticing any vehicles in their blind spots. This can potentially lead to catastrophic accidents. Stay clear of the dangers and avoid blind spots.

Maintain a Good Distance

Large trucks take longer to stop due to their size and weight. This can potentially become a danger if a truck driver commits a negligent action and has to abruptly brake. To prevent any accidents, maintain a good distance when an 18-wheeler is behind you, or avoid driving in front of one altogether. Additionally, be attentive and create some room between you and the 18-wheeler when it makes a turn.

Protection Against Negligence

Unfortunately, no amount of laws or regulations can completely protect a driver from a trucker’s negligent actions. When careless errors are committed and your life is affected, know that the Greenway Law Firm is here to help.

Our personal injury attorney in Austin is devoted to helping victims of trucking accidents find the compensation they need to help in their recovery. We’ll help you fight for compensation to cover medical costs, car damages, and wage losses. You don’t have to live with the effects of a catastrophic injury. Contact our office to see where your case stands.