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Pedestrian & Bicycle Collisions

A total of 345 pedestrian and 42 pedal cyclist Texans died from traffic-related accidents in 2011. Sharing the road on the busy streets of Austin, TX presents the opportunity for deadly collisions.

Austin, Texas is a thriving hotspot for cycling enthusiasts, a city where sharing the road is easier said than done. The proof is in the numbers. A Texas Department of Transportation report estimated 2,000 motor vehicle-bike crashes in 2012 that resulted in 1,450 serious bodily injuries and 56 fatalities. That same year, 5,000 car-pedestrian accidents occurred, wounding 2,962 and killing 481. If you are a recent victim, you’ve probably heard the “I just didn’t see you” line. But the truth is there may be more to the story.

Negligent and Distracted Drivers

Reduced visibility is an excuse negligent drivers use as a crutch to get off the hook. Granted, low visibility may be a valid reason for some drivers, but oftentimes, it is just the golden line to avoid blame. Drivers today have trouble staying between the lines because a text message is simply too urgent, a warm hamburger is simply too tasty, and daydreaming is simply too irresistible. And some careless drivers simply disregard speed limits and fail to adjust to inclement weather. Failure to pay attention or adapt to road conditions can lead to drastic and tragic motorist-pedestrian and vehicle-bike accidents.

The Race Against Time

Time can be your worst enemy, but it can also be your best ally. You have up to two years in the State of Texas to file a personal injury claim but after that, your time is up– there is no turning back. The longer you wait to pursue justice, the higher the chances that your account of the accident and those of the defendant and witnesses will become skewed. Even worse is evidence can be misplaced or lost altogether, making it hard to generate a positive outlook for your case.

Get the Wheels Turning

Gathering sufficient evidence and documenting your version of the account soon after it happens is crucial to designing a strategic, fool-proof case against the defense. Get the wheels turning with your Austin pedestrian and bicycle accident attorney, John W. Greenway. John will challenge the negligent driver responsible for your pain and suffering, and corner greedy, big-name insurance companies who insist on denying your claim or presenting a cheap settlement. John understands that you need more than just a few bucks to rid yourself of financial burdens – damages, lost wages, medical expenses – and will relentlessly fight for the financial award you desperately need.

Beyond Just Trusted Legal Representation

Make the decision to fight hard and fight now for your financial stability and physical well-being. The brain injury, spinal cord injury, internal organ damage, deep skin lacerations, or skin burns incurred through the accident are life-changing and extremely painful. John goes above and beyond to not only represent you but also connect you with friends in the medical community – neurosurgeons, physical therapists, orthopedists – who can bring you back to good health.

No Obligation, Free Consultation

If you have been hurt in a pedestrian or bicycle accident, contact The Greenway Law Firm to schedule a consultation at no cost to you. Explain to John, your bicycle accident attorney, what took place and explore your legal options.