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Latest Technology Could Help Curb Texting and Driving Accidents

It’s no mystery that texting while driving is extremely dangerous and countless have suffered serious and fatal injuries in car accidents as a result. This form of negligent driving is illegal in many jurisdictions, though laws are difficult to enforce if police are unable to catch the act being committed. This may change thanks to a new device that could help law enforcement detect a texting signal coming from a vehicle.

Advanced Technology Paving the Way

Virginia-based ComSonics has created a sensor that detects radio frequencies emitted when a cell phone is in use. Frequencies vary depending on whether one is using their phone for calling, data, or texting. The creators are hoping to turn this particular sensor into a device similar to a radar gun, which could potentially help law enforcement crackdown on the number of accidents and injuries caused by texting and driving.

Violators who sneakily send a text thinking they are out of plain sight will be given away by the texting frequency coming from their car. Police can then pull them over without ever seeing the violation being committed. Local law enforcement agencies still need to adopt this revolutionary device before using it out on the field. It would also have to be approved by state or local governments.

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Despite efforts by local and federal agencies to curb texting and driving, this negligent behavior remains prevalent on our roads, leading to countless accidents and injuries each year. Consult with our personal injury lawyer in Austin to learn more about your rights for seeking the compensation you deserve.