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Inattentive Driving: Car Accidents Waiting to Happen

Sitting behind the wheel of an automobile can be an empowering thing. The power vibrating through your feet, the flashing lights as you drive and the music blaring from the speakers are things that make driving such a great experience, but one that requires your fullest attention. When your eyes and mind begin to stray away from the road, you are highly susceptible to an accident that can cause serious injury and even death for yourself and those you love.

Handheld Danger

Eating in the car, applying makeup and cellphone usage all fall under the inattentive driving category but, in recent years, cellphones have been a significant cause of car wrecks around the nation. It’s estimated that there are 1 million Americans driving and using their phones at any given time. This is one of the main reasons why 4,704 inattentive driving-related deaths were recorded in 2007.

The introduction of Bluetooth headsets and other hands-free devices appear to be safer but experts are still uneasy with backing these alternatives. Numerous campaigns have been launched across the nation to educate people about the dangers of using cellphones while driving and the statistics justify their efforts. Keep yourself and those around you safe; those texts will still be there when you reach your destination.

Obey the Red

According to research conducted by the Insurance Research Council, 75% of car accidents occur in cities like Austin, Texas and the most common cause are drivers who don’t heed red lights. Most people are guilty of stepping on the gas when the lights turn yellow, but not paying attention to your surroundings is a bigger danger when approaching a light. In 2005, red-light running accounted for over 150,000 injuries and 800 fatalities. Victims of these accidents are not the only ones who feel their deadly effects. A total of $14 billion dollars is paid annually to repair the damage caused by red-light running crashes.

Click It

There are times when your head is just so full of thoughts that you forget things. Don’t let clicking your safety belt be one of them. Forgetting to fasten your seatbelt can lead to ejection from your vehicle in the event of an accident and 76 % end in death. Avoid the legal consequences, injuries and death that can occur when you fail to wear your seatbelt by clicking it before you do anything else.

At Your Side in Case of an Accident

Like driving, accidents are a part of everyday life. If you or a loved one has sustained injury due to another driver’s inattention, find the legal assistance necessary to get what you deserve. The medical bills, car repairs and funeral fees that can come as a result of car accidents can cause stress and anguish for extended periods of time. A compassionate and highly-professional personal injury attorney can be with you in those times of need to work for the compensation you deserve. Act fast and find legal assistance to return your life to normality as soon as possible.