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Five Immediate Steps to Take After a Car Accident

The moments following a car crash can be panic-stricken and confusing, but it’s a time to stay focused and act appropriately. The decisions you make can have a significant impact on the aftermath and can determine the outcomes you’ll experience. Keeping a list of steps to take after a car accident can put you at ease and may also be of great help to you and those around you.

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Stay Put

Many drivers might be compelled to leave the scene of their accident if the vehicle’s damage appears to be minimal, but this can put you on the fast track to some serious criminal charges. Play it safe and stick around to check on everyone’s safety. Follow through with post-accident procedures by calling authorities.

Call 911

Local law enforcement should be notified of the accident, even if it’s relatively minor. Don’t risk dealing with a driver who could potentially be lying about their insurance or license situation. Instead, let police handle the situation and document the event in a professional and efficient manner.

Steer Clear of Danger

One major factor to avoid is having your car become a hazard following an accident. If the wreck was minor, cautiously move your vehicle to the side of the road and as far away as possible from others. If your car has been immobilized, keep your hazard lights on and use cones, triangles or any bright objects to guide other motorists away from potential danger.

Seek Medical Assistance

Medical assistance is a must even if you don’t immediately feel the physical effects of your accident. Whether you have suffered catastrophic injuries or minor bruises, medical attention can make a big difference in your well-being. The aftereffects of an accident may not become apparent until hours or days after the fact. Play it safe and visit a doctor.

Follow Through

The aftermath of an accident can be difficult and should be taken care of immediately. Make sure to have a personal injury attorney by your side that will help you deal with the post-accident process. Don’t let medical bills, loss of wages and car repairs as a result of a negligent accident hinder your quality of life. Get the representation you need, instantly.

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