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5 Actions to Avoid After a Car Accident

The suddenness of a car accident can be shocking enough to cause you and other involved drivers to panic and think irrationally. It’s times like these where your actions can make the aftermath either difficult or easy. Most drivers have a general idea of the process that follows an accident, but what are the things you should never do? John Greenway of the Greenway Law Firm has the answers you are looking for.

Leaving the Site

In a minor accident where damage appears to be non-existent and everyone seems unharmed, leaving shouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong. Failing to remain at the scene can result in more trouble than you can bargain for. In Texas, leaving a crash site is a crime and you can potentially be charged with a failure to stop and render aid charge. To prevent this, play it safe and wait for authorities to arrive.

Neglect Dialing 911

You may think if an accident appears to be minor, there is no need to call authorities, but this is far from the case. If you plan to build a strong personal injury claim, you’ll need a copy of the officer’s accident report to prevent a “he said, she said” situation between you and any other involved motorist(s). Calling 911 will additionally bring medical assistance to those who need it. In the end, having authorities involved is the safest thing to do.

Getting Worked Up

Emotions are usually at their peak after an accident, especially if the other driver is at fault. As difficult as it may be, don’t act irrationally. If you’re going to approach the other driver, the first thing to do is ask if he/she is injured, followed by contacting authorities. Relax and take some time to find the composure necessary to complete the post-accident process.

Avoiding Information

The most important thing you can do to strengthen your case for a personal injury claim is to collect all possible information. You will generally need the other driver’s license number, plate lumbers and insurance information. You will also benefit from collecting the information of any witnesses along with an official police report.

Ignoring the Aftermath

The shock of a car crash can be traumatic, but you shouldn’t neglect the aftermath of the accident. Make sure to seek medical attention if you feel pain you hadn’t before as some injuries don’t become apparent until hours or days after the fact. It is also highly advised to contact an attorney before dealing with any insurers.

Let Us Help

Car accidents can result in more than physical pain. The medical bills, car repairs and loss of wages can pile up fast, creating overwhelming burdens. At the Greenway Law Firm, we’ve earned a reputation for helping victims of car accidents get the compensation they are rightfully entitled to.

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