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4 Killed in Collision Between Truck and College Softball Team’s Bus

The friends and family of a northern Texas college’s softball team are in a state of shock after four of its players were killed in an accident. The crash occurred when the team’s bus was struck by a tractor truck while returning home from a scrimmage. Although no charges have been filed against the truck’s driver, officials have launched an investigation to find the reason behind the fatal accident.

Possible Signs of Negligence

The team bus was traveling southbound on Interstate 35 near Davis, Oklahoma when the northbound truck failed to stay on the road as it began to curve. The truck then ran straight through the median and struck the driver’s side of the bus. According to federal investigators, the truck showed no signs of stopping or failing to avoid collision. The truck traveled 820 feet through the median, struck the bus and continued for another 300 feet before coming to a stop.

According to Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the truck’s driver said he was distracted by something in the cabin, although it isn’t clear what said distraction was. Investigators don’t necessarily agree with the driver’s explanation and found no problems with the truck’s brake mechanism. The investigation is ongoing.

Mourning a Great Loss

Members of the school’s community organized a prayer vigil at the college campus to remember and honor the four team members. According to reports, twelve others were injured and all but two have been treated and released from the hospital.

National reports reveal that 4,281 people were killed in large truck or bus accidents in 2013 alone. While the factors behind a trucking accident can vary, negligence can play a very important and fatal role.

Fighting for Justice

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