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3 Tips for Safe Driving on Icy Austin Roads

The winter months are fast approaching and driving conditions can become potentially dangerous. It’s important for Austinites to be prepared and ready to face any potential dangerous weather conditions while on the road. We have a few tips to follow that can help you and your loved ones arrive at your destinations safe and sound.

Do Your Checkups

Do your tires have enough tread? Are your windshield wipers and defroster ready to allow maximum visibility during heavy rains and storms? These are the things you should check before inclement weather becomes a regular occurrence. Additionally, check your breaks before heading out and ensure every component of your car is working properly.

Tread Slowly

Roads can become icy and slippery during winter months, so drive slowly and leave sufficient space between yourself and other motorists. This extra space can allow you to maneuver away from any abrupt dangers. There are several dangerous intersections in Austin. Make sure to approach them with complete attention and caution.

Beware of Black Ice

During extremely cold weather, what may appear as a simple puddle on the road can actually be a highly dangerous patch of black ice. Black ice is very common during the early morning and evening hours, but when temperatures drop drastically, it can form at any time. If you find yourself on a sheet of black ice, keep your steering wheel straight, don’t hit the brakes, decelerate and head for an area with traction.

Responsibility is a Must

Drivers are expected to maneuver responsibly at all times and this is especially true during inclement weather. It only takes a simple mistake to put yourself or others on the path toward catastrophic injuries or death.

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